Jam Sessions

As you’ll probably notice by perusing the readings, the wheels of academia move at a tortuously slow pace. Thus, you’re unlikely to find much scholarly work on recent popular culture. There are no semiotic analysis of the Miley Cyrus/Robin Thicke performance at the VMAs (though you will find plenty of discussion on line), no studies of the worldwide explosion of “Gangnam Style,” no analyses of the collective viewing behavior which surround the release of the latest “Hobbit” or “Hunger Games” movie. Anything that’s happened in the last 2-3 years is simply too recent a phenomenon to have made its way through the maze of academic publishing. Thus, we will have on-line exercises devoted to our own analyses of more recent popular culture. These jam sessions will require preparation on your part: e.g., watch a TV show, film, or You Tube video. These sessions will allow you to integrate course concepts to critically analyze more contemporary cultural texts we encounter.

Some examples:

Jam Session 1:  Discuss researching your papers – post working bibliography

Jam Session 2:  Tweet the Superbowl!

Jam Session 3:  Watch these YouTube videos – Analysis of music, lyrics, images (music TBD)

Jam Session 4:  Answer a series of questions about researching and analyzing data for your papers

Jam Session 5:  Throughout February (Television Sweeps Month) watch your favorite television show and post about it

Jam Session 6:  Writ ea post about a thorny problem in your papers

Jam Session 7:  Read, watch and then critique “Who’s Watching Television’s Children.”

Jam Session 8:  To be determined.

Jam Session 9:  Peer Review of Papers

Jam Session 10Watch and blog about “Freedom Writers”

Jam Session 11:  To be determined.

Jam Session 12:  What’s to Come? Reality and Simulation

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